The large cellphone sized rubber stamp is beautiful. It's got a thick 100% wood base on top of a high quality rubber stamp. The dimensions are similar to a popular smart phone.

About wireRubber

Hand wireframing with rubber stamps

The creator of WireRubber is a technologist who is rarely not in front of her computer or mobile devices. But when she needs to really focus, she prefers to use an old fashion pen and paper far away from anything with access to the internet to limit her distractions.

As an inventor and a software engineer, Lisa found that a lot of her ideas revolved around a mobile form factor device. Which meant she was hand drawing a rectangle to look like the screen of a phone when she was jotting down her ideas. She tried a few other approaches but everything took more time than they were worth.

WireRubber is her solution, her secret, and she wants to share it with you.

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Rapid innovation

Mobile wireframing



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